men of terror

Oh you men of terror who sit as rulers and judges yet washed our land with the blood of our children to now profess your Christian virtue; shadows of shadows you rent our cities and streets with your sword of hatred and stripped us of humanity like slaughtered beasts;


So hold: stand thus as thus is foretold: that thee when crushed in death’s looming fist, then even the kind earth shall shudder in relief at your wretched draining from its God given beauty; and shudder still more at the risen doe eyed spectres whom with your pride swollen as fat leeches you proffered no whisper of mercy; yea, on such mangled souls you trod, and drunk as on the vilest of wine rose high;


Oh but as mountains rise to Heaven and holy waters wash the unclean pure, so at earth’s end you it shall be who is parted furthermost from His blinding grace;  He saviour to others shall turn His head away at attestation to your crimes and weep sacred blood as in His own pure agony He casts you with torn hands to depths of darkest perdition and the everflowing sands that shift torments to you by their every grain;


Oh and so it is for He sweetest of all Lords that now I weep: for even the proffered breasts of myriad angels can hold no manner to comfort Him, He called as witness and judge to the unfathomed earthly chaos of your hellish sins.